Dutch Pancake - English page

The Pofferie has several old Dutch pancakes stalls. This will be at your location so you build the right place and size can be determined. You can choose one or several booths that are linking. In short, from tens to thousands of pancakes each festive event.

The Pofferie always arrive in good time with you to discuss how you want pancakes served. The employees share the pancakes with a friendliness and professionalism that you expect from them. Quality of pancakes at the top and everyone will certainly enjoy feast, there is enough for everyone, big and small.

Want our old Dutch Poffertjeskraam hiring? Let us know via the menu "contact". There you will find a contact form and you will receive a custom quote for you. You can also call one of our employees, the numbers can be found on the right side of the page. We look forward to hearing!

More Old Dutch delicacies

The Pofferie offers more Old Dutch delicacies. Think for example of an open day with all of the above and then another delicious sandwiches, hot sausages, fresh apple fritters, fresh coffee and delicious soup or hot chocolate.

The Pofferie can adapt to your needs and is always willing a good proposal to you to do what is within your expectations. The staff are smiley, flexible and professional. We offer a personal touch, which is indispensable at this time. You will look back on a good cooperation.

Ronnie Lieftink

Geurtine Bakker